Training and advice

Schools workshops

We deliver structured programmes of advice and information workshops in schools for vulnerable young people.

The workshops are delivered by our skilled development workers, supported by specialists in literacy and communication skills and financial inclusion work.

Many of our workshops also involve peer educators.

We can tailor our programme structure and content to meet the individual needs of young people.

Please see our schools workshops page for more information.


Employability courses

Move On believe that people should be offered support, encouragement and guidance to progress towards a job. We appreciate that this can be a slow and complex process which is different for every individual.

We understand that the process can sometimes include backward steps and disappointments, however we are committed to offering personalised support which takes individual needs into account.

We also help people access and sustain education and training as a stepping stone to employment.

We are an SQA accredited centre and offer SQA Awards in core skills, employability, personal development and the Certificate of Work Readiness.

Please see our employability page for details about each of our courses.