This Poem was created by one of Move On’s Mentors as they completed their training

Glasgow mentors April 16

You looked down on me with contempt in your eye.
You said “I’d a choice”- My choice was to die.
You shunned my quiet plea for a quid to get by.
You walked away laughing- whilst I sat and cried.
You knew not my story – or the cards I’d been dealt.
You’d never experienced the fear that I’d felt.
Mother on Valium, father in jail.
Teachers gave up on me-predicted I’d fail.
Care system treated me – like a burden – a pest.
Ticked all of their boxes like they’re doing their best.
No hope in sight- a life of decay.
I dreaded the dawning of another new day.
But then out of nowhere on my face the sun shone.
A friend took my hand and said ‘we’re from Move On’.
We’ll show you the way to feel loved, safe and well.
Please let us help you escape from your hell.
You’ll find out your talents – your spirit will soar.
Free from depression of skippering in shop doors.
Our mission is to help you – on us you can depend.
You’ll find endless hope – we don’t do hopeless ends.
So I took that hand of friendship offered to me.
I’ve escaped my rock bottom – I’m soaring – I’m free.