1.      Ally Move On’s peer mentoring scheme completely changed Ally’s life for the good, he was introduced to street dance which turned out to be a form of expression in which he excelled taking him to festivals and star in films – through Move On he was pushed to achieve better things.
2.      Caz Caz was supported by Move On for 5 years and “wouldn’t have had the confidence and tools to achieve my dream career if Move On staff weren’t there to help”.
3.      Charlene Charlene has always been determined, and managed to continue attending school even when she and her sister were homeless.  She says that the support from Move On built her “confidence and self-esteem so much I couldn’t believe it myself and helped me be the person that I am today”.  She carried the Queen’s Baton during the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and represented Scotland in the 2015 Homeless World Cup.
4.      Charlie Volunteering with Move On has had a massive impact on Charlie’s life, supporting him through struggles with homelessness and mental health, and helping him to develop into the person he is today.
5.      “Chris” “Chris”’s life fell apart following two family bereavements and his school referred him to Move On due to concerns about his behaviour and well-being.  Attending a gym regularly with his mentor helped Chris regain his motivation and focus, leading to his gaining a university place to study computer science.
6.      “Colette” “Colette” was referred to our mentoring service because of her anxiety and mental health issues.  Through building a trusting relationship with her mentor, and their shared love of arts and crafts, she knitted for “Bookbug” library sessions and maternity and children’s hospital wards and has started a course with the Open University.
7.      Declan Declan has used his life experiences – an unstable home life and disengagement with school – to support other vulnerable young people through a series of Move On programmes. He now works with us, while recently completing a degree in politics and international relations.  “Given how supportive Move On has been of me over the years, I hope to be able to do the same for other people within my role as a Development Worker.”
8.      Dharma Over the last year that Dharma has been a mentee in Move On’s mentoring service she has seen her confidence and independence grow.  She’s loved having the chance to get out and talk to someone every week and recently enjoyed taking part in celebrations for our 20th birthday.
9.      “Isla” “Isla” had been sleeping rough since she was 14 when she first came to Move On to be supported by our mentoring service.  Meeting her mentor regularly helped encourage Isla to open up about her poor mental health and to address her low self-esteem and other issues.  We helped her develop her CV and to apply for opportunities.  She gained a job at a major retailer and successfully applied to university to study art.
10.  “Kate” “Kate” didn’t plan on youth work but stumbled upon her passion for it and has finally found work that makes her feel safe, happy and appreciated, being a trainee with Move On, where she enjoys seeing people grow and develop and feels she fits in seamlessly.
11.  Kelly After going through hell struggling to stay in one job or one place, the opportunity to work with young people at Move On has given her the chance to turn life around and start fresh again, she has made so much progress since she started with us two years ago and feels she is better person today!
12.  “Kenny” “Kenny” had lost contact with his family and was living in a residential unit.  He completed the FareShare employability programme, gaining qualifications and work experience and Move On helped him successfully apply for a job at a major food retailer.  Even better, he is back in regular contact with his mother.
13.  Kyle Kyle didn’t have any hope for the future but volunteering for Move On as a peer educator changed his life, helping him overcome long standing issues with self-esteem and mental illness. He can now make friends easily and feels optimistic about his future.
14.  “Linda” “Linda” was a carer for her mother and was bullied at school when she joined Move On’s peer education programme.  From having no self-esteem, we helped her gain the confidence to do charity work in India and Poland, and she is about to start a university degree in community work.  “Move On has had a massive impact on my life and has set me in good stead for my future. Thanks guys, you are amazing.”
15.  Leighanne Whilst being a mentee in Move On’s peer mentoring scheme, Leighanne has become more independent and confident to do things that she would never had believed herself capable of before. Starting out with a goal to do singing lessons, she eventually hopes to go into a college course.
16.  Olivia Since joining Move On, Olivia has new-found confidence, independence and positivity for her future. Not only has she discovered a new passion in her singing lessons but she now believes in her own potential, to quote her – “Life is a lock, you just have to find the key”.
17.  Paula Paula completed our peer education course in 2016, and has now trained as a mentor to support other young people to overcome difficulties.  She says, “For me, coming and doing the course helped me develop my personal skills and work with people who’ve got similar experiences, which I previously hadn’t worked with them before.”  On top of this, Paula has spoken on the radio and met with Kevin Stewart, Minister for Local Government and Housing, to share her experiences.
18.  “Roy” Music was the key to “Roy” turning his life around.  He and his mentor learned guitar together, and Roy is now looking to start a band.  More than that, he has re-engaged with education and is applying to study music at college.  His relationship with his family has improved and he has every reason to feel optimistic about his future.
19.  Ryan Ryan doesn’t know what he would have done if he hadn’t found Move On. When he first came into contact with us he was living in a homeless shelter but we’ve unlocked his potential – helping him realise what he wants to do with his life and make it a reality!
20.  Stephen Stephen’s confidence and mental health hit rock bottom after his childhood dream of being in the army didn’t work out, but an intervention from Venture Trust led to a place as a trainee development worker with Move On and now he is content doing work he loves.
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