About us

Move On operates from bases in Edinburgh and Glasgow, targeting people affected by homelessness and vulnerable young people. We offer:

Our service users have a variety of specific support needs, including poor physical/mental health, homelessness, substance misuse, offending, money/debt problems, lack of qualifications or engagement in any kind of training, volunteering, education or employment. Many also share broader needs such as low self-belief and confidence, loneliness and isolation, difficulties managing the transition towards independence, lack of positive social networks, personal goals and aspirations. We recognise that individuals need to be in control of deciding and achieving their own goals, so we offer services flexibly allowing for their differing needs. Move On delivers outcome-focused services, seeking to maximise the impact of what we do rather than simply seeing the activities as an end in themselves. Our services enable people to: help themselves, grow in confidence, secure and sustain accommodation, build positive social networks, develop employability skills and access and sustain jobs, training and education.

Move On is considered to be one of the leading mentoring organisations in Scotland and has consistently delivered positive outcomes.

Iain Forbes

Strategic Development Manager, Scottish Mentoring Network

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